Using Step and Repeat Banners to promote Your Event


When ever it comes to set up a stage or podium for the event speaker comes in play, the role of background and rostrum comes in. Step and repeat banners plays the part of being the background wall paper behind the podium or the speaker. These banners are basically made to remove blankness behind the speaker and also communicate the brand logo of the advertiser in subliminal way. step and repeat banner  These banners have the power to transpose any event into the red carpet event by creating the ambience with the backdrop.

In step and repeat banners the logo of the company is repeated in a tabular or symmetric form. These banners are usually used in press conferences or in opening or closing of any media event. Step and repeat banners and comparatively low in cost as it requires a mere stand of holding a pan flex sheet of few square feet wide enough to cover camera’s angle. Step and repeat banners with variance in their print designs and these are also used to attract viewers towards the speaker. That’s not all between; every photo that is taken the company’s logo is snapped with it.

Step and repeat banners also require creativity to be in it, there are certain variables which set the quality standards for the step and repeat banners. It has to be in contrast with the clothes of the speaker. Camera lights also have an impact on the quality of step and repeat banners, because the reflection in the vinyl or any other material which has been used in the banner will make it obnubilate.

While designing a step and repeat banner the designer has to take certain aspects of that banner in mind. First of all, the space and repetition in between the logos has to be defined according to the event. Few people are of the view that unexpected space in step and repeat banners may attract more attention of the people towards it. Secondly, the designer has to anticipate the expected situations that banner will be used in.

Step and repeat banners also promise incessant attention of the customers. In any seminar or event or trade show, podium catches the maximum time of people’s attention. Furthermore, step and repeat banner being at the back as a background becomes the silent crier of company’s logo or positioning statement.

Standard sizes for step and repeat banners are 5` x 8`, 8` x 8`, 12 x 8` or 16 x 8`. Step and repeat wall on the other hand is bigger in size and has a comparatively bigger display of the company’s logo. It usually sizes more than 10 x 25 feet. It is usually used for media events where moving cameras are available to record the event and wide angel view of the speaker is required.

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