Sansure Biotech: A Trusted In Vitro Diagnostics Company

Sansure Biotech: A Trusted In Vitro Diagnostics Company


Sansure Biotech is a company that provides reliable and affordable in vitro diagnostic testing. In this article, we’ll learn more about the company, how they were created, and what they specialize in.

History of the company


Sansure is an integrated solution provider of in vitro diagnostics that integrates diagnostic reagents, instruments, and third-party medical testing services at the core of independent, innovative gene technology. It is listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board (stock code: 688289). It was also selected as a sample stock of the “Science and Technology 50” index. It was listed among the top 100 pharmaceutical companies in China and the top 100 enterprises in Hunan Province. The company is committed to becoming a gene technology-inclusive person, serving the construction of the national precision medical system and hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system. And also, it is National Postdoctoral Research Station Unit, National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise.


The products at Sansure Biotech


Their Natch 48 Nucleic Acid Extraction System is one of the famous products. It can test Sexually Transmitted Diseases: CT, NG, UU, HSV-2, HSV I/2, Women’s Health: hrHPV and hrHPV genotyping, Respiratory Tract Disease: 6RP, TB, MP, RSV, ADV, BP, Gastrointestinal Diseases: HFMD, Prenatal, and Postnatal care: CMV, EBV, Public Health: SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A/B, HINI, H7N9, and other Customerized Projects.




Sansure Biotech is a trusted in vitro diagnostics company that uses innovative technology to help its clients identify and treat diseases. With decades of experience, the team at Sansure is well-equipped to address the needs of today’s health care industry.


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